DIESEL 4000 E XL C Generating set

DIESEL 4000 E XL C Portable Power Generating set, equipped with Kohler Diesel engine.

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General specifications

Range Diesel
Frequency (Hz) 50
Max. power (LTP) (kW) 3.40
Max power. (LTP) (kVA) 4.25
Nominal voltage (V) 230
Number of phase Single phase - 230V
Guaranteed acoustic power Lw(A) 108
Sound level dB(A) - 7m 78

Engine specifications

Engine trademark Kohler Diesel
Engine type KD350E
Distribution N/A
Start Electrical
Fuel Fuel
Autonomy (h) 17.80
Comsumption (L/h] 0.90
Tank (L) 16
Oil Guard Yes
HP 3600 tr/mn max. 7
Capacity (cm3) 349
Oil capacity (L) 1.20
Recommended oil SAE 5W40
Spark plug type N/A

Alternator specifications

Type Without collar or brush
Regulation Mechanical
Protection class IP 23
Insulation class H

Plugs and panel descriptive

2 230V 10/16A sockets - circuit breaker

Dimensions and weight

Lenght (cm) 81
Width (cm) 55.50
Height (cm) 59
Dry Weight (kgs) 84


Packaging type Box
Length (cm) 82
Width (cm) 56.50
Height (cm) 60
Pallet type 120/80
Number of box by pallet 6
Pallet height (cm) 193

Product advantages

Entire group guaranteed 3 years
KOHLER Professional Engine
Very large Autonomy
Comfort of prehension thanks to the ergonomic handles
Electric starter with batteries without maintenance


R01 Differential box R01
This set includes the hour meter and the differential circuit breaker.

R05A Automatic mains failure panel R05A
Automatic start, remote control, start on dry contact.

R05A Automatic mains failure panel R05A
Automatic start, remote control, start on dry contact.

R05M Manual changeover switch
The manual changeover switch is used to connect and disconnect a generating set manually to a domestic circuit when there is a power cut.

RKB1 RKB1 trolley kit
Trolley kit for the generating sets of 6kW or below

RPM Set of male plugs RPM
Male plugs for all models made up of : 2 x 16 A/230 V, EEC17: 1 x 16A/230 V, 1 x 32A/230 V and 1 x 16A/400V

RPQ Earth spike RPQ
For earthing your generator set. Galvanised 1 m long spike, supplied with 2 m of 10 mm² cable.

RBAC Storage box
Removable storage box

RKD1 Diferential protection RKD1
kit of two diferential removable adapters for domestic sockets. Schema for ground bonding with isolated neutral

Accessories supplied

User and maintenance manual

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